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      Brian Thomas
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      Jason Ewers

      I have one and like it, but i think neck collars are useless

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        Josh De Losier

        Hi Brian,

        I work with Acceleration Kart Racing, and owner Curtis Cooksey uses one and he is really a fan of it. I have personally never used it but I get a lot of good feedback! The price also sits well with a lot of people! Check it out!


        Hope this helps!



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      Troy Berry

      I bought one for my 10 year old son. He really likes it, and I really like it.  Superior protection compared to a foam collar for keeping the head from straining the neck in case of roll over or a hard hit. My son actually had a flip last year. It was all caught on Go pro from a trailing kart, and although his head or neck position was never compromised, The brace kept everything nice and in line. I won’t let him go on the track with out it, period.

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      Mike Clark

      I can’t say one is better than another in a crash. Most drivers here use the EVS. It does not block off air into the helmet like the old foam collars. I think 98% of the drivers here are fairly new and EVS was what was available in the kart shop. Neck braces are mainly required in the US and are now optional for adults here locally. That said I don’t think many drivers will go without one.

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      russ Jolly

      I used to use the plane doughnut one and then got one with a little more back padding but what a difference the evs makes. Can easily move ur head  about but still keeps it with in safety and doesnt choke u to death.. well worth the money.

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