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    Brett Clatt
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    Michael Zahorski

    My daughter’s CRG has them on it and I believe the CRGs are starting to come with it. Even though they are on there, I haven’t adjusted them since I bought it as a one event kart and the kart ran at the SuperNats in Vegas. But they look very easy to adjust and easy to independently adjust camber and caster.

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    Gary Lawson

    I’ve worked on a couple margays that have them and they crack where they bolt to the frame. I prefer using a standard pill setup. I used to think independent adjustment was a necessity but it’s simply not critical.

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    Rick Brown

    I Love them and haven’t had any issues

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    Brett Clatt

    Thanks guys for the feedback.

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      Curtis Cooksey

      Independent adjustment isn’t a necessity but it sure makes fine tuning your front end easy. They crack if you tighten them down before the teeth on the castor adjustment are aligned right. If you make sure the teeth are aligned correctly before you tighten them down you won’t have any problems.

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    Bill Angel

    We have been using them on

    Margays for a couple of years and I like being able to adjust caster and camber independently. I cracked a couple before I learned to make sure everything free and aligned prior to adjusting and then tightening it back down. Having said that I would pay the extra $ for a machined steel top plate rather than the cast plate Sniper is using.

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    Brett Clatt

    Do the holes still have to be opened up to 22mm on newer karts to install these?

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