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    Jason Beer

    Does anyone have a ballpark gear to start with for Hallett in a Chonda? Either direction and we can work from there.


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    Kelly Read

    I know the BSLo206 racers are gearing the same as us Animal racers from what we all ran in 2014. That be 19-56 (33″ tire circ.) going in the CCW direction. Add 2 more going CW. Guessing this being due to the difference in the class weights and karts. Animal @ 410 in a laydown and LO206 @ 385 in a sprinter for our series.

    Hopefully this helps?????

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    Does KART have a Chonda class?  What chassis doe they use, laydown, sprint or sprint enduro?

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      Kelly Read


      KART does not have a Chonda class. Now if some Chonda or any other type motor/chassis racers that where KART does not have a place for them to race would like us to run there class as a local option, all they need to do is contact myself (donnaandkelly@hotmail.com, 316-218-3645) or Maysha at the KART office (918-283-1877) and we will follow up on it. We do this all the time.

      For 2015 what KART has for 4-cycles is: B&S ANIMAL SPORTSMAN (any kart/ animal motor at 410# with some spec items and must be 40+ if a male and 16+ if a female), B&S ANIMAL 390 (same as other class but 390# and 16+), SPRINT B&S LO206. Need more details of one of the classes let me know.

      I figured Jason was asking for the LSGP that has a race coming up at Hallett sometime in the near future.

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    Ray Chiappe

    What is a Chonda?????

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      It is a wanna be Honda. Kinda like Kelly just a wanna be. LMAO love ya Kelly

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        Kelly Read


        Ur day will come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NOW I be LMAO!!!!


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