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      William Weiler

      I raced 3 time trials at Leman’s Karting in Fremont, CA (Silicon Valley). In my first qualifier was Tony. I coached him on rental karts and racing. I had a total blast with 1st,2nd,1st with some titanic battles, winning he last race by 0.025s. Yep, 25 hundreth’s of a second. Tony tells me afterward he is a 60yr old retired auto racer (yikes! I coached him!). He said he had a blast and the karts were weird and fun.

      I race real karts and when I don’t have time for the track, this is the best. You still learn a ton. My best lap time was 29.307, but best of the week are 28, and best of the month are 27. Still more to learn.

      TonyKart 401s LO206
      Masters Class
      Morgan Hill, CA

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