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      scott mandel

      So below is a link for the chassis I have now (IKON) which is sagging in the middle (scraping and sparking and flat tubed) and the replacement that I got for cheap (CORSA/SPIRIT)


      so it says the IKON is for heavier drivers and I already must be too heavy! I’m 180 lbs. So I guess this SPIRIT is not going to work for me? We run in masters on MG Reds and 385 lbs minimum weight with Rotax Sr.

      I was planning on swapping all my parts over to the SPIRIT but now having second thoughts. i got it used and it looks OK but i don’t really know the history of it.


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      William Martin

      180 doesn’t sound too heavy for a 30/32 tube chassis. Seems odd that it would be sagging…could it be cracked somewhere hard to see?


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      scott mandel

      ok cool. i started swapping over the parts last night.

      my ikon (32mm outer tubes) doesn’t have any cracks; its just sagging in the middle and the tube is getting flattened from grinding on pavement.

      So i put my parts on the SPIRIT (30mm outer tubes). My friend that used to import haase says the SPIRIT will have more grip than the ikon and the ikon was looser/freer. But he also said not to worry about the sag but i’m sparking a lot in the IKON so i just figured i got the SPIRIT and might as well try it. All the components carry over to it so seems like a good experiment.

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      Matt Martin

      Consider running frame protectors?

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