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    Dai Feng

    I followed the link in the 16 common mistakes for not oil the the air filter, but could not find anything other than the green oil filter.  The website says one needs to match the color of the oil with the color of the filter.  The filter I got is brown.  Where do I find oil for the brown filter?


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    Dai Feng

    I ended up getting the  K&N filter oil.  Upon spraying the filter, while trying to wipe off the excess, I just noticed imprinted the rubber end cap of the filter gigantic lettering “Green Filter”.  Oh well.  I wish B&S printed that on the package.

    So for anyone who wants to know, the recommended oil would have been this: https://www.greenfilterusa.com/store/2000.  But I am going to just keeping using the K&N.

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