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      Robert Lawson

      It really was a “secret” test day as we never did advertise it here like we usually do. Had a good turn out even though it got colder as the morning went on. Started a little late, had lunch late too but overall everyone had a good time. We had a couple new guys which is cool but we also had a young man named Max Nickl (8 years) running his first laps at Grattan. Max (CIK predator) and his Father Paul (CIK Pavesi) made a bit of history as they turned laps together in a session all their own all day!!!! We all enjoyed watching them share the passion for Karting.


      Got some interesting helmet cam footage which includes: snow/sleet, a couple burn outs, spinning off, complaining of being too fat, giggling like a kid, is this thing recording?, yelling at my Brother, and the Marshall, botched rolling start, excitement that changes made in 38F weather helped the back up engine/chassis set-up run better times than July!, and turning laps with all my buds!


      In the last run, after being called in to argue with my Bro and the Marshall, I finally got the gear selection figured out and the little Vortex was really singing . I ran the guts out of it until they flagged us off for the day. Tons of fun, hence the giggling….I’m going to miss all this for sure.


      The video’s will be up soon, I’ll link them up as they come available.


      Thanks Again to all who came out!!


      PS: The pit lane and entire upper paddock have been repaved!!!!!!

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      Robert Lawson

      This is the first upload:




      Man that was fun…….

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      Robert Lawson

      Last run of the day:




      PS #2: They also milled and repaved T2 and T3, then covered them with sealer. Grip wasn’t bad in those turns but as you could see T2 was pretty rough. Another milling is in the works for the Spring. T1 was slick from the center off, I couldn’t take my usual line staying on the sealer. T9 (10) was slick as always in the Fall. The rev matching helps keep the rear end from locking/hopping and also helps rotate the car on the slick surface. I was on the Maxxis MH compound which is the softest 5″ tire they offer.


      Just a bunch of fun. No, 1:24’s are not record breaking laps but they were pretty good times for the 38-40 degrees we had out there.


      Some of the other guys had cams running, maybe they can post their film here too.

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      Robert Lawson

      Thanks to Matt and Dan for this, I won’t get tired of watching this anytime soon!!!!!



      PS #3 That title should read “fat guy”!!! I never should have quit smoking…..

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      Eric Chappell

      Thanks to Robert for once again organizing a great outing at Grattan. You are the man for pulling these days together!


      See you in the spring for our outing.

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      Robert Lawson



      It has to be a love and passion for our hobby. Even though I just dig driving the kart the organising rides my last nerve! I appreciate you guys, even if I had to threaten calling “Moms” to get a check in the mail!!!! ;)


      Did you guys get any video? If so post it up here.


      Curt had smoked a big fat brisket for 8 hours just outside the backdoor of the barn there where we have lunch. I was the last to pull out of the paddock but ran into Larry, Johnboy and Matt at that barn and had to stop. They were drinking and sampling the brisket with the Marshalls and other guests while viewing the MI/MI St. game. Of course I indulged in the brisket too, it was VERY good indeed and Curt has offered to do that for us in April. Its more expensive than Dogs & fixin’s but it sure was good. Told the Marshalls that I was still bringiing Dogs for them though!!!!!!


      I found Pauls video at YT. I must admit, I like the view his cam got of my kart!!!




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      Robert Lawson

      Hey guys,


      I went out to Grattan today to pick up my MyCron beacon that was left on the guardrail (again!).  Of course lunch with some of the boys down the hill at the Pub was on order too. The weather was better than 6 weeks ago for the test!


      The track crew found an intact counter shaft sprocket obviously for a shifter. The spline is tight, lots of little teeth very close together. It is a 17 tooth 428 sprocket, probably was laying on a floor pan and came out once on the track.


      If you notice your collection is missing a 17 T sprocket let me know and I’ll get it back to you.



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      Robert Lawson

      ……and the sprocket found its home!

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