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      GP11 30mm chassis, ven05 front and rear brakes, 50mm axle,new age bodywork, Mychron3 gold with all sensors, carbon fiber floor tray,ribtech carbon seat,AIM F1 style steering wheel, Factory GP13 steering wheel brand new never used also included! Kart located in Colorado area. Can ship at buyers expenses $3000obo Dgspinuzzi@gmail.com

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      Fred Robertson

      Dacey is a dishonest seller!  We agreed to a sale of both this GP11 and a GP5 chassis as well as multiple other parts that he also had listed on Craigslist, and all he shipped me was the GP5 chassis and NOTHING else.  Do not do business with him!!

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      Richard Kirlin

      its a GP 5, did you expect it being a new kart?  if not completely satisfied with  the purchase I would suggest emailing each other privately and talk it over like real adults.

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      Fred Robertson

      He advertised and sold me a GP11 and GP5 then shipped just an incomplete and beat up gp5.

      Edited as we try to come to an agreement on the situation.

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      Fred Robertson

      post edited as we attempt to come to a resolution.

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      Fred Robertson

      Seller has now offered a full refund for the issue but has failed to provide it.

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        Hey fred, lets cut the bull !! tell the good folks on ekn what Really happen! Telling everyone i scammed you , tell them your false criminal claim against me, the emails!! Doesnt have the balls to be a real man and apologize,but you had big balls when you where posting negitive comments and emails. Your lucky i dont sue you for telling paypal and the banks i stole money from your account!!!  does a scammer offer someone a full refund after paypal has decided in my favor for this? everything you have said isnt true !!! now man up!! you put much effort in ruining my name, but hasnt put forth the same effort to make things right  ! Wonder who really sounds like the scammer?


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      Fred Robertson

      He claims the driver for the shipping company did not take both pallets that had the karts. We have agreed to a refund.

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      Adam Gorrell


      Hows it going EKN Family? So unfortunately there is another situation with this buyer.

      I purchased a Swedetech Honda Motor from Dacey 10 days ago on the 19th. We came to an agreement on a price and I paid him via PayPal.

      He agreed to ship the motor out on Monday the 20th on his way to work to make sure the motor was here by Thursday or Friday so I could still make my race for the weekend. He messaged me later that day saying he went by his local PostNet to drop it off but was before they opened and he had dropped it off later that day for Tuesday the 21st pickup. After waiting a day or two the Tracking never showed the motor was picked up. I called the office where he said he dropped it off and they said they dont have any record of him shipping anything. At this point I was starting to get a little discouraged about the deal since he claimed to have shipped it. He printed the label at work so all it tells me on FedEx was that the label was created and never picked up.

      As soon as this stuff starts to happen another buyer posts on here about a possible bad dealing with him, at this point it really begins to get me nervous. He fills me in on the story and tries to set my mind at ease. After the motor does not update tracking or show up at my house by Friday he agrees to refund me my money after 48 hours while his PayPal account is reinstated.

      Sunday comes and no refund. Monday comes and no refund. Tells me Tuesday after he gets off work he will refund me. Nothing. After 5 emails since yesterday trying to figure out whats going on, he has yet to contact me back to let me know where my money is. I was forced to open a claim with PayPal because of this.

      Over the course of the last 10 days Dacey has been very quick and prompt about emailing me back which seemed to me that he was going to make it right. However, after 5 unanswered emails, being told I was going to be refunded over 5 times with nothing showing up, I am forced to post this to the EKN Family as a Buyer Beware.

      He seemed to be a stand up guy during the entire situation but it seems like I have been hung out to dry like he told me I wouldnt be from the beginning.

      I will update this if/when the situation is resolved.


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      Fred Robertson

      I too have had my emails ignored and still no refund has been provided by him.

      Not looking good for 3 of us EKN users who did business with him and all had our money taken, no items or wrong items sent then promised refunds but no refund given.

      Avoid any business with him until these issues are resolved.

      Moderator/Editor of this site, David Cole, has now emailed me that Dacey has been banned from EKN due to his fraudulent sales.



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