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      Chris Jennings

      I received a paypal notice that they cancelled my subscription so I tried to reach out to them to see why.  They aren’t responding to email and when you call it goes straight to their voicemail which is full.  I also noticed the last article is from October 26th.   Are they having issues (pardon the pun)?

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      I really don’t know what’s going on, but just thinking about what you said, I went to Button Willow ( Cali ) for the Nationals yesterday

      Anyhow I’ve always picked up a magazine on the way out of the office, and sure enough, NOTHING! The coffee table was always filled with those all the time in the past.

      So I asked the Lady at the counter, and she couldn’t really come up with an answer for me.

      May be not publishing anymore?

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      Kerry Matthews

      They have indeed suspended publication of GoRacing magazine. I remember reading it not too long ago.

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      Roger Ruthhart

      We all need to look beyond the impact on each of us and realize that there is no longer a national magazine for our sport … even an E version. Sure the large sanctioning bodies have something for their members but it seems like karting in a country this large should be able to support one publication available through subscriptions, track and kart shop sales… or even just online E-mag subscriptions. We loved working with Sean Buur and his family but when they sold I had really great hopes for Go Racing when K1 took over given the resources they seem to have. I realize there are business decisions to be made and I’m not faulting anyone for Go Racing’s demise, but I do find it really sad that there is no regular publication for US karting… a vehicle to help lure in new racers that isn’t totally Euro focused. Thank goodness we still have Ekartingnews.


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        Hans Mattes

        I’m fairly new to karting, having bought my first (used) kart last Spring.  I’ve spent a good deal of time looking, on the web, in bookstores, and on magazine stands, for technical info to bring me up to speed.  Other than ekartingnews.com, I’ve not found much of substance.

        I subscribed to Go Racing last Fall, hoping for some good technical articles.  No joy.  So I called their office to cancel my subscription.  The woman I spoke with was very nice, and when I told her why I was cancelling, she said that they would like to have more technical content but that they didn’t have the resources to write such articles and depended on submitted content.  And no one had been sending them anything technical.

        If the karting sport wants to grow its technically-inclined base, it may want to look at ways of stimulating technical discussions, essays, tutorials, and so on.

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      Tony Leone

      I know when K1 took over they stopped paying photographers when our pictures were used.  Maybe tech writers also lost any incentive they had to contribute. I also don’t know why anyone would opt to pay for a subscription if they could get it for free at a track/shop/event.

      That being said, I don’t think periodicals in niche markets have much of a chance competing with the “now news” of websites like EKN and social media.  Without any exclusive or original content Go Racing just became another place to read old race reports.

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