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    Craig Drabik

    I’ve been using AlpineStars gloves forever, but starting with my last pair I’m getting bad blisters.  Another driver I know with the same gloves gets the same blisters, so I’m on the lookout for new gloves.

    Anyone have any they really love, particularly if you’ve had problems with blisters in the past?

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    Stu Hayner


    After racing karts for a good part of 30 years, I was introduced to the FreeM Spiders the beginning of this year.

    I was given a pair to try for the weekend, but loved them the first session out.

    They come in red / blue / black (and more), but red is the most popular (the driver behind can see your hands when you signal)

    They only cost $99. and are well worth it.

    Give me a text or call if you can’t find them locally.

    Stu 714 305-6123

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    Ryan Ouellette

    I switched from the Alpinestars to Freem this year.  Much better glove.

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    Walt Gifford

    If you don’t want to spend $100 the Impact gloves are pretty good.


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    TJ Koyen

    Hey Craig,

    After using the FreeM, Sparco, and Alpinestars gloves in the past, this year Oktane Visual debuted our new glove. I’ve been using them all year and have been really happy with their performance and durability.

    Just another option. They retail for 79.99.

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      Aaron Hachmeister

      TJ – you sell them in pink by any chance? I’ve been looking for an upgrade in my driving gear for a while now and pink gloves are on the list

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    TJ Koyen


    We don’t have pink in our line up of standard color/design gloves, but we can do custom gloves and do anything you want. Those are 99.99.

    If you’re interested, shoot me an email at

    Driver/Coach/Wrench : Innovative Performance/Exprit
    Owner : Oktane Visual -

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    Charles Kaneb

    Those worked very well when a Volkswagen punted me off my motorcycle on a Texas street a few years ago. Nice abrasion resistance and thermal insulation.



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    Ambrose Buldo

    Like Charles, I am a big fan of the motorcycle gloves. They are much more durable, much less expensive and most importantly offer more protection. I don’t recall which model Cycle glove I am using (Think it was an on sale/Closeout Revzilla Sourced Glove).

    It is perforated leather and had vents to help keep hands cool. It also has hard knucke and finger protection. If you go for a tumble, these will help save your skin and protect your bones. They are just as comfortable (Pre-Curved) as racing gloves with no diminished comfort and feel.

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