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      Mike Blanco

      This is probably way to early, but I would like to start at least getting some information together on Karting as I am completely green.  I have a 3 year old daughter who seems to have a bit of interest in moving fast, and I would like to steer here in to some sort of racing.

      At what age are children getting involved?  I am living in Houston, and think there are some tracks around but not entirely sure.  What all would we be needing, and cost for something like this hobby?

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      David Cole

      Hi Mike, welcome to EKN.

      Go check out 3G Kart Racing and the Gulf Coast Kartway facility.

      Kid Karts start at age 5, and I would recommend you wait until then. For now, head to the track and check it out to get a feel of the sport and the great family atmosphere.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Howie Idelson

      You don’t need to wait till 5 years old. Puffo karts are great for 3-5 year olds. The have Honda 35cc power now and are fantastic. We started off that way with my son just following me in a rental kart around the track in his Puffo. a great way to start. Many kart companies make them and most come complete with the motor.


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      Mike Bray

      Hi Mike and welcome to EKN and the sport.  We’re going through it right now with our 4 year old grandson.  I can tell you what we’ve done that seems to be working so far.

      Age 2 we started him off with electric cars around the house.  It taught him the basic concept of go and turn.

      Age 3 we moved him up to a bigger electric car for outside.

      Age 3 1/2 or so we got him going on Mario Kart.  It’s good and bad, it helps to teach driving on a “track” but it’s also a contact sport in the game.

      Age 4 we put him in a CRG puffo and started straight line stuff with a strap attached to the back of the kart so he couldn’t get away.  What you’re teaching here is go and stop, more stop that go.  Kids are born knowing where the gas pedal is LOL

      At 4 1/2 we put him on the track with a throttle stop so the kart only goes about 20-25 MPH.  We let him go as long as he wants which is usually about 30 laps or so.  He can now very smoothly go around the track but we won’t turn it up any until maybe the fall.

      Hope this helps some,




      P.S.  If you wait a few months I’ll sell you our Puffo kart LOL


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      Mike Blanco

      Thanks for the info, David, Howie and Mike.  I am down here in Houston so I am assuming going and checking out 3G and Gulf Coast are the two places I need to look into as far as tracks go.  Is there any other tracks in the Houston area, I might go to as well?  We are pretty close to downtown.

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      Mike Bray

      There’s a nice kart track in Angleton if you want to check it out.


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      Howie Idelson

      Here’s a video of my son Dane’s first time on track just after his 4th birthday.

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