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    Elliot Finlayson

    Getting out of Karting. Selling most stuff for 50 cents on the dollar! Buyer responsible for any shipping expenses. Located in the Chicagoland area. If interested contact me via email at EFinlayson59@comcast.net.

    OTK Wheels
    – (1) Sets of used OTK MXC wheels: $500 a set
    – (1) New set of OTK MXJ wheels: $450
    – (1) Used set of OTK aXP rain wheels: $250

    OTK Axles: $125 per axle
    – (3) OTK N axles
    – (1) OTK N 1000 axles
    – (1) OTK H axle *SOLD*
    – (1) OTK HD axle
    – (1) OTK U axle

    OTK Misc.
    – (1) New OTK full size rear bumper: $75 *SOLD*
    – (1) New OTK front bumper: $75 *SOLD*
    – (2) OTK Brake coolers: $30 each *SOLD*
    – (1) New OTK size 2 seat: $100
    – (1) New set of OTK TonyKart Graphics: $200 *SOLD*
    – (1) TonyKart umbrellas: $30 each
    – (1) OTK TonyKart kartcover: $60 *SOLD*
    – (1) OTK TonyKart travel bag: $100
    – (1) Set of OTK front rain hubs: $175 *SOLD*

    – One race weekend old New-Line RS radiator with mount, black curtain, and overflow bottle: $550 *SOLD*
    – KG new style radiator with mount, red curtain, and overflow bottle: $250
    – KG old style radiator with mount, red curtain, and overflow bottle: $150

    – (1) Mychron 5, only used twice: $350 *SOLD*
    – (1) Kartlift Euro deluxe stand: $175
    – (1) Streeter double stacker kart stand: $150

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    Daniel Wendel

    Email sent

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    Rod Balding

    Email sent

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    Rod Balding

    Email sent again

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    Rod Balding

    Has anyone heard from Elliot , have sent numerous emails and PM’s with no response , need to contact him about purchasing something from his listing .




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    Rod Balding

    Emailed sent again

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    Rod Hawkins

    Sent an email on Aug 18, and never got a reply. I guess I’ll send another.

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    Rod Hawkins

    Got to love seeing that someone was on the Forum 2 days ago, yet they can’t reply to questions on their own classified thread or answer emails sent to the address they listed. Just say the damn stuff is sold and be done with it.

    So buyer beware, if you are interested in any of these items, you may get lucky and hear back from the guy trying to sell the items, but the chances don’t look good. I always like sending money to someone that doesn’t reply.

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