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    Nate Shelhart


    I’m trying to get my image as professional as possible to get sponsorships. To do this I will probably need the bodywork to get really good. The traditional decal wrapping just doesn’t seem effective. Has anyone airbrushed the bodywork to make it look really nice?



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    Dustin McGrew

    What are you going to do if it gets damaged?

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    johnny brooks

    Here are some ideas from the roadracing guys. Of course a bit more canvass to work with on a laydown. Check out the black leopard halfway down first page. Just one of several beautiful paint jobs on “Wild Bill’s” karts.


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    Brian Degulis

    Traditional paint won’t stick to bodywork I’m not sure if there anything special out there that would.



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    TJ Koyen

    If you’re talking about plastic CIK-style bodywork, you’re going to have a tough time getting paint to stick and any contact you make with other karts is going to mess the paint up pretty quickly.

    A decal wrap will be cheaper, look better, be more durable, and easier to fix. Rubber marks can be cleaned off decals relatively easy or you can just peel the decal off and apply a new one. Paint is a much much bigger pain to touch-up. Not worth the time.

    If you’re talking 4-stroke fiberglass bodywork, it’s more feasible but still you run into the same issues with touching it up and the paint getting ruined relatively easily compared to decals.

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