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      Justin Mitchell

      I had some emergency repairs to do on the kart today, which was covered in burnt premix. My hands got coated, and I’m having a tough time getting it off. Even after using Fast Orange, my knuckles are still black. Any ideas on how to get it off? I’m going to a wedding tomorrow, and it’d be nice not to look like I’m homeless!

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      Mike Clark

      Try cooking oil. It works on many things and is gentle on your hands. Latex paint is a good example. I removed burnt pine sap from my hands with french fries – the oil in them did it.

      My hands stain easily too.

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      Chris Bany

      Maybe carb or brake cleaner …then follow that with simple green for moisturizing.

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      Ray Lovestead

      And then after you use the carb cleaner for your hands you can use it to take the chrome off your bumper and plaque off your teeth!

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      Brian Degulis



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      Jim Russell, Jr

      WD-40 to thin and loosen the heavy stuff. Maybe with a rag or nail brush. Then Dawn dish soap to remove the remainder.

      You can always add hand lotion to the mix to thin out the heavy oils. Then wash with hand soap.

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      Walt Gifford

      Castrol Super Clean will melt castor residue no problem. Burned on castor needs to be hot tanked.


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      Joe Ricard

      I found this pretty awesome hand cleaner that has so far taken off everything I had ever gotten on my hands.  It is called Tarkelp  I last found it @ the Harbor frieght store but also found it at Big Lots.     You can get it on line from a distibutor  I bought 6 tubs of it. 

      Easy on the skin and no smell left behind.  and it CLEANS really good.

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