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      Alan Russell

      I raced flathead brigs and then 125cc shifter years ago (15?)..  I did some big track stuff with Big South.  My goal is to get my new to me birel/easykart on track for Savannah in March for the TAG/Heavy class (CIK bodywork).

      I’ve been going though it, the kart is older (2003ish) but in decent shape.  Totally redoing the brakes, because they are somewhat important.  Engine is about 10 hours on a rebuild so I should have 10 hours or so left.

      I’m pretty sure my 10 year old tires need to be replaced.  Any suggestions for what tires to use?  I’m a heavy guy, so I will be crossing the scales in the 420 range (don’t ask, getting old kinda sucks sometimes), if that matters on tire choice.

      Also looking for gear range starting points.  The engine should be pretty similar RPM wise to the pre-my09 Leopard (my-07?) except it is air cooled.

      Anyway, I am sure I will have more questions as I move along the path back to the track.





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      Jeff Salak

      LaCont or MG yellows will work well for you. The La Cont tires seem to last longer. On a Tag kart they never feel like they completely come in but I get same times with each tire.

      Gearing cant help you. 16t driver then anywhere from 72-80 maybe. I run a Rotax.

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