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    Tim Landon

    After a short 30 year absence. . I have decided to buy an Enduro and race again before I get so old I can’t do it anymore.   I raced Karts from 1966 until the early 80’s. Sprint and Enduro.  Hopefully a deal for a Laydown Yamaha Sportsman will be successful.

    Any chance I can be competitive weighing in with a body weight of 225# ? Also, what is “Sportsman 400” ?  Is there still Yamaha Sportsman Medium and Heavy?  I also have no clue as to gear ratios for the tracks on the WKA schedule and SKC schedule.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I would love to make Daytona this Dec. my first race.  Thanks, Tim.

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    Scott Sigafoos

    Email sent

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