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    Jeff Salak

    Will be running an X30 in IAME Sprint at Daytona. Anyone help with gearing? I was told 16/76. I’m thinking more like 16/70.

    Thanks Jeff

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    Tim Landon

    Good luck. Gearing help is non existent on this site.  Big secrets I quess.

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    Ian Krueger

    yeah as you said its a good idea you were thinking about gearing it a 16/70 forstarters,  because For new tracks I like to shoot for a too low of a gear ratio, and then work into it. Id rather be on the clutch more, than be maxing out the engine the whole time. then from there, work into the 16/76 (figuratively). best of luck wish i could help further, i havent raced there yet

    WKA sprint

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    Ian Krueger

    also if running a chain drive, id definitly recommend to bring quite a few spares, and put on a brand spanking chain for the final race. because that track is brutal on driveline

    WKA sprint

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    Jeff Wesell

    Sorry on delay of response as I was at PRI Show this past week.

    Our standard starting point for Daytona (with our Leopards) was
    16-73.  We’d adjust as needed up or down a few teeth pending wind direction and what would benefit me the most for the long straight and finish line shoot out in the tri-oval.  Hope this helps you on the X-30.   Race Safe. Good Luck and Have FUN at Daytona!  If you ever need additional gearing setups (TaG) for most of the RR tracks or race/setup suggestions. feel free to reach out to me at Streeter.  (262) 457-5018 or email me at jeffw@ghilaser.com

    Streeter Super Stands
    "Roll with The Best!"

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    Bob Wimmer

    I agree with Jeff’s recommendation  to start with a 73. Additionally, you need to consider your height. I’m 6-2 and always seem to need one more tooth than shorter drivers or I risk loosing the draft. Also be very gentle on the clutch in practice. With such a tall gear, you can wear one out in 2 or 3 aggressive starts. Save those for the race.

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