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      Nick Esguerra

      Fairly new to Rotax and I have a question on gearing.  I’ve always heard that gearing at a particular track should be done so that RPM reaches 13500 at the end of the straight.  However, in reviewing the manual, it says that maximum acceleration potential is between 6000-12000 rpm.

      Currently at my local track my Mychron shows a low RPM of 7000 and max of 13100, per most people I should add teeth to get my RPMs up to 13500 but according to the manual I should remove teeth as I have 1000 RPM to play with on the low side, which would put me onto the optimal range.  Though, it seems to me that at around 6000 RPM the engine feels somewhat lethargic so not sure about lowering the RPM that much.

      I know testing is the only definitive way to know, but I wanted to ask of people’s experience/opinions in this particular case.


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      Peter Zambos

      Nick, you’ve really already answered your question.  Regardless of what the manual states is the optimal range, many karters in sprint applications will be the revs above even what you track mates are stating.   Though it’s true that, as you gain more experience, you will typically be able to run less gear, your ratio still needs to be appropriate for the track.  6k seems a little too low for just about every track.

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