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    david buck

    I have access to a complete LO206 that has worn Cam. I am thinking about breaking it open and using it to build the Animal to race IKF.

    I see/hear the difference is the connecting rod, cam, ignition, carb jetting. Can anyone tell me if there are more differences (valves, springs, piston, crank…..)? Should I junk everything but the case and head and replace everything?

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    John Matthews

    The LO206 should be a great start for this. The WKA rules are here, hopefully the IKF rules aren’t too different but if they are let me know:

    Of course you will have to change the coil. I would go with a billet rod since the rules allow, and you have to run the spec cam. Other than that it should be a fairly straightforward rebuild.

    Just inspect everything else and replace what you have to. It’s supposed to be an economical class I think so I wouldn’t go overboard trying to get the last little bit from the engine.

    Good luck and let us know how it works out.



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