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    Matthew Chin

    I saw the news hit that FWT has decided to remove the TAG classes from the formula kart weekend. It has been replaced with ROK Cup race. So now we have 2 spec engine races on different weekend (Rotax/Rok). What are your thoughts on this? I personally do not feel like getting another engine just for FWT.

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    Daniel Justice

    I was looking forward to one day running the FWT in a Stock Honda but it looks like that’s no more. Quite disappointed in the change.

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    Charles Skowron

    Just the finest example yet of the “Game of Thrones”-style turf war that has now developed among the various TaG engines (Vortex, IAME, Rotax, etc.) and importers; in their silly quest to gain the biggest share in the increasingly marginal pool of potential racers.

    With all of the fragmentation in karting classes these days, someone ought to create a class to lump all of these similar “Touch-and-Go” style motors together….[/heavy sarcasm]


    C. Skowron #15

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    lynn haddock

    Matthew and Daniel,

    Stay tune for news from the new Florida Pro Kart Winter Series.

    You will be pleased.

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    Tim Koyen

    Super.  Another new FL karting series.  I need to move by business down there since there seems to be an endless supply of karter $$$.

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    Daniel Justice

    Interesting Lynn. Thanks for the tip. I’ll be looking forward to it.

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    andy graham

    classic example of too many chiefs and not enough Indians…the whole shake up with IAME didnt help either, which caught long time IAME distributor and dealer TS Racing in FL off guard and scrambling…seems like there’s a united front now to shut out IAME and stock moto from FL, hence MaxSpeed buying FWT and killing both those birds with the same stone, and then turning around and buying Rok Cup USA to fill the now extinct Formula weekends of the FWT, the weekends that Leopards, X30s and stock motos ran….still seems strange to me that MaxSpeed would buy a series that would promote a competitor’s engine package……all just food for thought…who knows what’s really going on…I’ve heard so many “in the know” rumors lately I dont know what to believe and at this point I really dont care anymore….we’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out…my opinion — focus on increasing the #s at the local level first, then move on the regional development.

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      Scottie Melancon

      MaxSpeed didn’t “buy” Rok Cup. It appears that they are simply organizing and running the Cup in place of the Formula TAG weekend. I’m pretty sure MaxSpeed will be paid by ROK to do this. Good opportunity for MaxSpeed Entertainment to help offset fixed cost associated with the FWT and continue to promote a very popular series and help it to grow. ROK is not much of a threat to Rotax nation wide.

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    brian downing

    Screw’em all. We’re running a KT-100 and we’re sticking with it until my son is 15. Hopefully by then he can get his SCCA license.


    Easiest, cheapest, best way to vote with wallet; KT-100


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    jim lewis


    Any additional details/info on the Pro Kart Winter series? Winter is quickly approaching down here in the sunshine state – got down to 60 the other night.

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    Glenn Biggs

    Partnering with IAME USA EAST, Grand Products, Margay, Bridgestone Tires and more partners to be announced in the very near future, the Florida Pro Kart Series (FPKS) reconfirms their 2015 winter karting plans. With all event dates and class structures finalized, the Florida Pro Kart Series can now move forward with specific event plans as they look to close out their first season of summer karting competition and move into an exciting new winter program.

    With the first two event weekends confirmed at the Palm Beach Kart Center (PBKC), the third and final weekend in the Florida Pro Kart Series winter program will take place at the ultra fast 103rd Street Motorsports Complex in Jacksonville, Florida over the March 13-15th weekend.

    “We decided to start the season with the first two events at the Palm Beach Kart Center,” explained Series Owner Glenn Biggs. “This will allow our customers to store trailers and equipment on site between events, thus decreasing travel costs throughout Florida. Arrangements may also be made to drop off equipment after the World Karting Association (WKA) Daytona Kart week, by contacting Kurt Mathewson at Palm Beach Kart Center at (561) 578-5641. Due to some concerns of conflicts with other karting series, we have decided to change the date of our first event weekend to the January 9-11 weekend to help accommodate teams and drivers that would like to participate in both programs that run in Florida.”

    The 2015 Florida Pro Kart Series winter program final schedule:

    January 9-11 – Palm Beach Kart Center – Jupiter, FL
    February 13-15 – Palm Beach Kart Center – Jupiter, FL
    March 13-15 – 103rd Street – Jacksonville, FL

    The 2015 Florida Pro Kart Series class structure for their inaugural winter program is as follows:

    TaG Micro – Micro Rok Engine per Rok Cup rules
    TaG Sportsman – Mini Rok Engine per Rok Cup rules
    **IAME Junior Leopard & X30 320lbs (IAME International Finals Class)
    X30 – 29mm Header – Leopard – 28mm Header
    **IAME Senior Leopard – 355lbs & X30 – 360lbs (IAME International Finals Class)
    TaG Senior Open – Rotax, IAME, PRD, Motori 7, Sonik and Rok TT
    *Open Shifter – Honda, KZ and Rok Shifter with Masters
    (Run together, scored separate)
    LO206 Senior
    – Note: TaG Open, IAME Junior and Senior Classes, adjustments may be made between events to ensure parity and good competition between brands.

    – Masters (35 years + over) will be invited to participate in the TaG and Shifter classes and will receive a cash payout for highest finisher.
    *Classes will be split when entries exceed ten.
    **IAME Junior and IAME Senior will utilize WKA Engine Tech Rules except for the header on the IAME Junior Class.

    Biggs continued, “The over $75,000 in cash payouts and year end awards will be something I know will get people’s attention to come to our series and give us a try. This is just the start of what is coming. The Florida Pro Kart Series will have several more announcements over the coming weeks that will include a weekly description explaining each class and its individual awards and payout per event. We will also be announcing several additional series sponsors that have jumped on board to help make our first season a successful one.”

    For more information on the Florida Pro Kart Series including information on events, registration, rules and sponsorship inquiries, please visit them online at http://www.FloridaProKartSeries.com or contact Glenn Biggs rdglennbiggs@yahoo.com. Check back often for a new and improved Florida Pro Kart Series website.

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    Dan Schlosser

    Personal opinion Glenn but if you had not scheduled one week prior to Rok weekend each month you’d have a lot more interest from the Mini-Rok families already committed to the Winter Tour program. Some of our racers can justify 2 trips a month but they can’t justify two weekends in a row with work and school responsibilities.

    Something to consider for next year.

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    jim lewis


    Any affiliation with Prokart / SKUSA?

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