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    Peter Toth

    Pretty decent hot spot on this piston. Im still learning the intricacies of karting and 2strokes. I was running Lucas semi synth at 50:1 mixed with 93pump when this happened. Any suggestions and advice so this wont happen again is gladly appreciated. Thats the only spot on the cylinder. its really very small. I’m hoping its salvageable. Thoughts and advice?!


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    Matt Dixon

    Agreed. We run our Stockmoto at 32:1.

    110 is best, no less then 98.



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    Richard Kirlin

    That cylinder is still good, just send it out to langcourt and they would be able to fix it.

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    Matt Dixon

    We race Redline oil in 1 series at 32:1 all the time, you need to focus on your jetting.

    Muratic acid should clean that barrel up nicely…


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    jack lachut

    peter, I’m assuming you are using kart for recreational purposes.  I run maxima 927 castor based oil on my kart at 24:1 ratio.  that’s 6oz of oil per gallon of fuel.  I use vp ms98 min or Sunoco 110 and never had a problem with wear on piston or cylinder.  don’t know what carb your using or your main, pilot jet settings are?  my cylinder is a 99.

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    Harrison Potsworth

    What year cylinder?

    Hone it first and see how well it cleans up, hard to tell too much from the picture while viewed from my phone :/. Looks like the poWer valve plugs aren’t blended tho.

    c12 fuel wit 4oz motul/gal

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      Peter Toth

      Just to update
      Got a new top end and piston kit from Wiseco. Had to do some more digging to figure out what size piston I needed. For anyone whose searching, 98-99 had a 54.0mm piston. I put the new pin bearing, piston pin, cir-clips, piston and piston ring in, swapped out the major gaskets and bolted it back up after I rubbed the cylinder down with muratic acid. changed out the fuel to proper 32:1 redline. ran it for 20 mins at idle, then under easy load. Only then did I take it out to terrorize the neighborhood…..i mean….high rpm power test. It did pretty well.

      for those that asked; I am running a keihin carb, dont know the jetting unfortunately. its a full 98 motor.
      thanks for the help and advice.

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    Dave Holstein

    50:1 is way to lean on oil.

    Stay away from pump gas, too inconsistent.

    The class I race in runs 20:1 redline in 110 race fuel and I have never had any problems.

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    Peter Toth

    When I first got it, I ran some cheapo oil at 32:1 and it spattered all over the place. After doing some reading up on premix oils, I have since stocked up on redline. Although, the other articles I was reading were telling me to run it at the same 50:1 ratio, due to it being synth.

    Also, what do you think of the cylinder? is it still useable?

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