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      John Matthews

      I’ve had a few customers in my shop lately ask about fun karts, is anybody making anything decent in the US?

      I know, product liability….

      But still, if someone were to make a “kit” it might be OK.



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      Bob Baldwin

      John :  Talk about Product LIABILITY . I went down to my local Briggs and Straton Dealer to get some parts for my mower . Anyhow the topic got changed to karting and I was asking if he had any Karting customers either dirt of Ashphalt racers . He informed me and showed me the sign ,that if ANY Parts from his shop were going to be used in ANY KART or RACING APPLICATION to let him know and he would REFUSE to sell them for that application . He further stated that B &S would PULL his dealership if he got caught doing so . YIKES !!!

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      Greg Wright

      Maybe he should check out the B & S Motorsports program. He’s either uninformed or blowing smoke.

      Greg Wright
      Rapid Racing Inc.
      Vintage B-Stock Pilot
      "When in doubt Gas it, It won't help but it ends the suspense."

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      Craig Drabik

      MXK Racing still makes fun karts of all kinds, as well as a racing chassis.  I’ve got no experience with any of their stuff recently, but I did work a summer there in high school.



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