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      Joshua Guiher

      Short version of this story:

      I ran a great Yamaha motor, won a Great Lakes race with it, won local races at Pitt Race, etc despite my lack of skill; then I quit racing to focus on my son.

      Had Sean Cook at Cook Racing Engines change it over to to a sportsman version with a brand new HDC-5A clutch and 3 rebuilt sportsman carbs. It was a complete rebuilt that looks amazing. It was over $1,400 to rebuild & ship once you factor in the carbs and new clutch.

      The bad is, after I sent it to him, I sold my business, make less now and so I still have an open invoice I would love to close for him. I still owe $619 on it, would like to send him $700 for his patience in dealing with me. While I know Yamaha prices have fallen, I would love to get $1,200 out of it, but make me an offer that would get Sean paid and I’ll listen. I refuse to take my kid racing until I pay it off and he is begging to go to New Castle next week. I have a motor mount and all for it and you can keep the shipping container and all.


      Here is the list of everything he did to it for me:

      Yamaha Complete Rebuild/ Top &

      Bottom End/ Crankshaft with Rod Kit/

      Crank Sleeves/ WA-55 Manifold Kit/

      HDC-5A Clutch/ Repair coil wire/ Rebuild

      (2) extra carbs

      6205MB Main Bearing 6205 C4/ Tag/ KT 2 16.91 33.82

      CCS Crankcase Seals Low Friction 2 12.50 25.00

      YCBG Yamaha Crank Assembly 1 279.00 279.00

      Crank Sleeve Crank Sleeve 2 25.00 50.00

      BG Base Gasket 1 2.85 2.85

      KSI KSI Piston 1 57.00 57.00

      YGR TiN Yamaha Ring (Gold) 1 29.25 29.25

      LWP Light Weight Wrist Pin 1 19.25 19.25

      IKTCB IKO Top Cage Bearing 1 37.00 37.00

      SPL Spiral Locking Circlip 2 1.54 3.08

      HG Head Gasket 1 6.50 6.50

      YGE Exhaust Gasket 1 8.25 8.25

      CG Manifold Gasket 3 0.95 2.85

      YPS Yamaha Phenolic Spacer 1 12.00 12.00

      PT Pulse Tube 1 0.95 0.95

      WCC Walbro Carb Kit 3 8.75 26.25

      Misc 2 Carb Screen Coarse 3 0.95 2.85

      WA55 MK WA-55 Manifold kit with filter cup & Gasket 1 70.00 70.00

      RBT Complete Rebuild Yamaha including Crankshaft & Carburator 1 300.00 300.00

      labor Repair broken coil wire/ soldier/ shink wrap 1 10.00 10.00

      RB Carb Rebuild Carburator (spares) 2 40.00 80.00

      HDC-5A HDC-5A Clutch 11T 1 292.00 292.00

      labor Set-up/ install Clutch 1 10.00 10.00

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