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      Jeff Vargen

      I am new to the X30 and am currently running VP 98L.  I know some run C12. Pros and cons to what I am running?  I am running club races and doing track days. No high end competition, but I want to get the most out of the motor.

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      Nicholas Bushnell

      My local track only allows us to run VP98L and Motul 2 cycle oil, make sure you are allowed to run different fuels and id just stick to what ever the others are running.

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      Christian Fox

      On paper the 98L should be quicker with its lower octane, but I’ve run both 98 and C12 in an X30 and I’ve never noticed any difference at all, even with identical carb settings. Both are fine with the motor, and both have higher octane than needed anyway. Just use whichever is easier to get.

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