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      Eric Penaranda

      Running a Parilla Leopard TAG and I have seen fuel filters on various karts out there. Does it make sense to install one for protection or is this just a shifter application? If so does it hurt performance by limiting flow? Can you use any off the shelf filter from Napa or Advanced Auto?

      Thanks in advance

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      Greg Wright

      Some may disagree but we never use an inline filter on an engine with a Tillotson carb. The large internal screen should be sufficient. Walbro carbs and shifter type carbs are a different matter.

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      Eric Penaranda

      Excellent, thanks.

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      Ted Hamilton

      I never use one because it’s next to impossible to get the air bubble out of one, and I don’t want that getting sucked into my engine for a momentary lean condition… Pre-filter the gas into the tank, then inspect/change the tilly screen occasionally… Never had an issue. But then again, I keep my kart on the track and don’t throw up grit pretty well too. :)

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      I have always run a Walbro style filter with my Leopard. I change it ever 2-3 tanks full and it does collect a small quanitity of residue. I run Sunoco 110 pumped out of the factory blue/yellow drum. Never had any carburetion issue that I could trace to the filter.

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      Tim Koyen

      I’ve never run an inline filter with the Leopard..  I agree with Greg, with screen in the Tillotson carb, you don’t need one.

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      John Matthews

      You don’t run an air filter, why bother with one for fuel????

      If you ever plug your carb with race gas you just weren’t paying attention anyway. What you really need with a tilly carb is a pop-off gauge and a bunch of rebuild kits. The fuel filter won’t hurt anything but it probably won’t help either.



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      Walt Gifford

      More stuff comes in through your tank vent than you might realize. Use the walbro filter, do not use an automotive filter with premix. A small air bubble in the filter is not a problem. You can orient the filter vertical to remove the air if you want.


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