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      Jim Brummet

      Black bead locks wheels, metric pattern for 4.6 and 7.1 tires  150.00 shipped

      Alum. Mag style wheels metric rear,bearing front, for 4.6 and 7.1 tires 125.00 shipped

      mychron 2 gauge in good shape lap sensor only 125.00 shipped

      water temp sensor and coupler for mychron 45.00 shipped

      Blue Clone decked,cam,top plate,fuel pump,filter,pipe,15 tooth clutch 150.00 shipped

      Rotax battery charger 50.00 shipped

      Deep Seat XL, with 4 holes the rest have been repaired 75.00 shipped

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      Paul Hir

      What are the measurements of the XL seats?

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