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      Ron LaFollette

      I have a 100cc Merlin/Atomic Rotary valve engine, built into a 115cc open by Kermit Buller. It has two HL-360 carbs (alkey) a Buller jackshaft w/3rd bearing, a Birky clutch & a Buller KB-06 pipe. Total time on 54.1mm piston 2hrs. Total time on engine from open build 2.58hrs. Total time on Birky clutch from new 2.58hrs. $1500.00. I live in mid Mi.

      If you want to buy the whole kart add $1500.00 ($3000.00) It’s a PTK (by CRG) w/front brakes. Total run time on chassis from new is 2.58hrs…Ron

      Plus Shipping, Pay Pal payment add 3%

      Pictures at: https://picasaweb.google.com/101074399991404770073/AtomicMerlinEngineOpen#

      On track clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PDWD6XONmk&list=UUL7nvOLQw_w5oT2njI3n2Gg&index=2

      Email: oldblindwelder@yahoo.com

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      Ron LaFollette

      What is included with this engine package is:

      * Engine w/belt driver & carbs. NO air box or air filter.
      * Exhaust header, flex tube & pipe. NO mounting hardware.
      * Jackshaft w/30mm belt & a TITANIUM shaft.
      * Birky wet clutch.

      Here is most of the cost to build a engine like this:

      $600.00 To build a 100cc into a 115cc (116.5) Open
      $375.00 Duel HL-360 carbs
      $ 60.00 30mm engine belt driver
      $169.00 KB-06 pipe & header
      $274.00 Buller jackshaft 30mm belt
      $ 80.00 Titanium ¾” shaft
      $ 30.00 30mm belt
      $ 63.00 Engine mount plate w/3rd bearing support
      $ 17.00 Drive sprocket
      $2,198.00 Total

      Now keep in mind you have not bought a engine yet…

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      Josh Lane

      <span style=”background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);”>What kind of horsepower does this motor produce? How much rpm do you spin the motor?</span>

      <span style=”background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);”> </span>

      <span style=”background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0);”>What is the reason for the jack shaft?? Short short track??</span>

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      Ron LaFollette

      1st?…If you would have gone to the picture link in the above add, you would have seen a dyno sheet stating the horsepower and torque ratings.

      MAXIMUM HP = 38.49 @ 11,550 RPM

      MAXIMUM TORQUE = 17.86 FT LBS @ 10,050 RPM

      2nd?…We ran it with conservative setups, max RPM was 15,600

      3rd?…The main reason for the J/S was to drive the engine off the ignition side to the Birky clutch. You also get the benefit of setting it up with very low gear ratio for small tracks…

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      Josh Lane

      How many hours do you put on these engines before a rebuild is needed.

      What is your email?


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      Ron LaFollette

      Josh Lane

      “How many hours do you put on these engines before a rebuild is needed.”

      It depends on how hard you run it. In the class that these engines were built for they were ran at very high RPMs 18,000-19,000, so you had to rebuild them very often. At lower RPMs you will get a lot longer life out of one.   

      “What is your email?”

      It is stated in the above add.

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      Ron LaFollette

      I have been getting many questions on the mechanics of this engine & package setup that leads me to believe that many are not as experienced as this engine requires. This engine requires the knowledge and experience of a person running open/outlaw engines. I will be happy to answer questions accordingly but do not have the time to educate non-experienced people…Ron
       Last set of email?

      “Have you ever run this motor without the clutch as a direct drive?”
      No, and now that it is built into an open engine I doubt that you could get it started as a direct drive 

      “I am Interested in this set-up but would not be interested in the jack shaft set-up.”
      The sale is a package deal; I do not want to break it up at this time.

      “Have you ever run the Birky clutch off the right side of engine without the jackshaft?”
      No, the Birky clutch is design to be used on a J/S with a 2.3:1 rpm ratio from the engine. You cannot put it on the engine. You cannot drive off the right side because of the duel carbs. By the questions that you have been asking this engine is not for you… 

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      Ron LaFollette

      The engine package is no longer available…Ron

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