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      Carter Thompson

      I bought this for my son and now I am switching to the Cadet  Class and building a BS Clone for him.

      Engine and parts list1. Comer C51 engine, head serial number is 9855, Engine had red plastic on/off switch. Engine is in  running condition and always mixed with 6oz per gallon castor Maxima 927 oil. Runs great starts every time. see video. This was the last time it was out, now we are getting ready for the Clone.





      2. 2 qts of castor oil. Maxima 927 ( I bought new when I started running this kart and that is all I have used. maybe 5 tanks of gas since I owned.

      3. Jet Kit from Mid west mini.com 54,55,56,57,58 and aluminum holder

      4. 4 clutch springs .

      5. Clutch spring tool.

      extra fuel cock, this is old one that was OK just replaced with new.

      6.  Carb restrictor.

      7.  Carb to head gaskets (little rubber o-rings new)

      8. Stock air box

      9. K&N cone filter on engine

      10. Filter screen for carb

      11. Filter screen housing new, and gasket.

      12.  little rubber boot for throttle cable. new

      13. 2 new flywheel keys.

      14. Mid west mini.com advanced flywheel key.

      15.  2 NGK BPM8Y plugs new

      16.  New pull cord.

      17.  CRP racing B/P piston rings x2 ( one in kart)

      18.  Gaskets for about everything, Head, carb and exhaust.

      19. Bowl gaskets, Carb gasket cork style

      20.  Head CC tool.

      21. Al the gauge pins for inspection.  0.0190, 0.118+, 0.049, 0.0260, 0.0350


      That’s about it.  I might have some more things, just don’t need this stuff taking up space.


      $400.00  takes it all, buy pays shipping PayPal fees.

      You can contact me by phone or email.






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      Carter Thompson


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