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    Greetings Y’all,
    Ive been working on a old TrackMagic Diablo (2000) kart and the spindle bearings are blown, I know the size is 608 but I was looking into getting some ceramic bearings for a replacement. Since the bearings have more side loading then high rpms, would it be a good idea to replace with skate rated bearings? They are not ABEC rated but are able to take a crazy amount of forces but stay under 4k rpms… Thoughts??\
    Thanks For the Backup

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    Patrick Roth

    I would recommend sticking with the $3-$5 bearings available from any of the online kart part stores that advertise on this site.  A fancy bearing is not going to result in lower lap times and spindle bearings shouldn’t need replacing that often.  IMO, save your money and put it towards fuel and tires.

    Cheers! :)



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      Thank You Pat, Ill buy more tires

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