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      Dai Feng


      I am trying to determine which CRG axel I should be getting to free up the rear of my kart some more (a FS4).  I can get either the T 1(hardness 120) or the T3(hardness 90) to replace my current M20(hardness 160).  I am thinking T3 is probably too big a jump.

      So for those who have experiences with the soft CRG axels, could you share how much you think these would change the handling?  Specifically, let’s say if I have my kart setup for full grip, that is, rear ride height on high, long hubs, narrow width (53″), how does switching from a M20 axel to a T1 compare to staying with M20, but move to low right height, mid hub, and full width(55″)?  Which would make the rear end looser?


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