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      Rob Howden

      EKN v2.1 Update: We are activating all the forum registrations that come in, so even if you don’t receive the activation link and the subsequent confirmation email, you should be good to go. Just wait a little, and trying logging in. We are working away and diagnosing the lack of email confirmations. We’re getting there!

      Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden

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      Alan Sheidler

      Rob, Congratulations on the new launch!

      I do have questions: Is there any way to PM/contact a user of the old forum? Many less-frequent users of EKN may not sign on here for a while, and for some of those, it was the only way we communicated. It could be months before they sign on to the new one.

      Second, it appears as though I can’t even open my own old PM sections, and some of those had contact information I thought I’d not be needing. The old forum is still available to read, but there is no way to log on to it and retrieve anything that was in personal files, that I can find.

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      Rob Howden


      The PM feature still works on EKNClassic.com, and we’ll leave it running, so you can still contact people there.

      And I just looked through a couple of my PMs on the old site, so they should still be working. We haven’t restricted access old forum PMs at all. There should be no issue there.

      Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden

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      Alan Sheidler

      Well, I’ll be danged…

      Since the new forum specified that no spaces could be used in the username, I thought that the old forum was the same, and left it out. Add a space, and Bingo!

      Thanks for the help, I have access to what I was looking for.

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      Ihor Bilyy

      Rob, I know why activation e-mails going to spam folders (at least on gmail).
      Response is too generic, same for everybody with exception of activation key.

      If you add at least username or a little personalization (since you know the address (state, city, full name, etc.)), e-mails will not be filtered out by spam detectors.

      It will take some time, because your mail server IP is most likely in black list of spamcop and/or others.

      There some more issues:
      – when I click on link in e-mail, it just shows page where I have to enter key (so key= parameter is lost or my account activated but response is wrong). I input key twice with same page displayed.
      I tried to login and entered correct captcha and password. It errored out and presented slightly different page to login. I entered same password again and captcha and this time was successful.

      And my 0.02c. WordPress is mostly platform for simple bloggers websites. You will have troubles with load since you have much more going on on EKN.

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      Linda Baldus


      OK, I figured the answer to the other question so I’m editing it out.

      Now I was wondering about seeing the information about where the participant is from. It says something about registered people being able to see it, but I haven’t seen it yet.

      Keep on kartin'. llb
      Raymore, MO

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      Ray Mcik

      Thanks David, finally got it to work . The hyphen worked after I did a password re-set.

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      B D

      The site looks great, and the registration went very smoothly.

      Good job, guys! :)

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