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      Jake Rathert

      Over the years you accumulate a lot of stuff.  Cleaning out my basement.  Make a reasonable offer on an item and I will sell.  Parts are used but in very good condition.  Shoot me an email and I can send pics.  Thanks



      • freeline rear brake rotor with 40mm brake hub (came off cr32z chassis), approx 5/8″ thick x 7-7/8″ dia.
      • qty (2) 40mm freeline wheel hubs, 3″ long, metric bolt pattern
      • qty (2) 40mm shockwave hubs, 2-1/2″ long, metric bolt pattern
      • qty (2) douglas black aluminum 17mm front wheels, 5×5, part number 728-019
      • left and right haase 17mm spindles, 8mm kingpin
      • left and right biesse 17mm spindles, 8mm kingpin
      • caliba steering wheel, all black
      • qty (2) brake pedals
      • qty (2) gas pedals
      • 50mm wildkart sprocket hub
      • 30mm frame sprocket protector
      • mychron 10mm water temp sensor (yellow cable) with inline water coupler that hooks to hoses

      Jake Rathert

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