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    Todd Renaud

    My AMB 260 won’t hold a charge anymore. I understand that it doesn’t make sense to repair them financially vs just getting another one. However, are these truly repairable? What about self-repair?

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    Carl Beavers

    FOUND THIS ON YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZXUOUzy-J0

    Worth a try and costs very little.

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    Chad Landers

    Todd, Yes you can replace the batteries. That youtube link is a pretty good overview on how to replace the battery. I’ve replaced my old style tx batteries. There are 3 batteries on the old style tx. Mine has been working fine for the past 3 years.

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    Todd Renaud

    Thanks for the video tip. Don’t quite know how hot/long to place it in the stove?

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    Todd Renaud

    Anyone used Acetone to get the foam out vs. carving out in the video?

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    Chuck Morgan

    on the old style I carefully  use a dremel tool … I’m sure there is a thread on the old forum

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    Michael Taksa

    There are multiple threads on the eknclassic forums, it has been done successfully, if the search still works you will find them

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    Bob Francis

    I sent you a PM on this topic.

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    Joe Cook

    can anyone till me what battery to install in the old style transponder

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    Chad Landers

    Go to this thread on Badger Kart Club. I have some information on there.


    There is also a thread on the ekarting classic form. Search my name on there if you can.

    If you need more help just let me know.


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