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    Paul Hir

    I was wondering if anybody gets there kart to the track with a car that is a Hatchback or wagon? I had a Suzuki Esteem (it rusted out and had to junk it) that I fit my kart in it, I just had to take the rear hubs off. Looking for a used wagon or Hatchback that will fit a kart, anybody have any ideas or anybody that currently does that?

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    Paul Hir

    Is it hard to find a Manual trans Volvo? anybody use a Subaru?

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    James McMahon

    Manuals aren’t very common, especially in T5 form, but they are out there. Gotta love the growl from the inline 5.
    I’m sure it would fit just fine in a Subaru too…

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    Sean Ranchbari

    i fit mine in the back of 91 camry

    08 tk krypton shifter chassis

    its not fun, and i need an extra pair of hands, but it gets me by

    FWIW, i am looking for a bigger car since it isn’t convenient when karting alone…


    why not look at utility vans? cheap and lots of room

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    Jon Romenesko

    I used to haul mine in the back of my Moms minivan (Chrysler Town & Country) until I bought a trailer.  Took the side pods, nose, and rear wheels (with hubs) off and it fit in just fine.  Plenty of room for stand, tools & extras if you stack carefully.  You definitely need two people to load/unload.  I’ve also shoved one into the back of a mid 90s Subaru Legacy wagon, but that was a pretty tight fit.

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    Walt Gifford

    Gas smell is the problem.


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    James McMahon

    Volvo V70 (850 will work  same)
    Here’s my ’98 T5 with a shifter shoved in it. Sadly RIP since spinning rod bearing at 228K.

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    David Flori

    My old daily driver:
    Talk about a tight fit!
    Kart transport

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