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      Samir Shah

      Does anyone know what a ‘First Kart’ is?

      It’s an Italian kart that was imported into Canada, and raced in the US in the early to mid 2000s.

      In my hunt for used Birel parts, I’ve run into one, and it looks very Birel-ish.

      Is it packed with Birel parts? Was it made by Birel? I guess I will have to go and look at it, if no one knows off hand.

      I’m looking for a donor kart for organ transplants to populate my spare Birel R31 chassis or Top-kart Flash chassis. If knows of a crash victim broken or bent “roller” that can be cannibalized, and had cheap, please let me know.

      Thanks, Samir.

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      David Cole

      First Kart is under the Birel banner, however, I am not sure how close the parts are to Birel components.

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      Samir Shah

      Thanks David. That is interesting. Can you share what you mean by under the Birel banner?

      I see from old news stories that you tested one when they first came out in the early 2000s. Do you recall how they might fare today?

      Thanks, Samir.

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      Gary Osterholt


      What David is saying about the banner is that yes Birel made the First Kart at one point in time.

      For instance. CRG makes the DR Kart, Zanardi, LH, Maranello, GP Racing, Dino Kart.

      Here’s a link to the latest homologation that shows the maker of the kart.


      As far as the First Kart, under the right hands the kart can be fast.  Any kart can be fast in my opinion.


      Gary Osterholt
      GO Designs, LLC

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