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    Jeff Aldrich

    Hi all. Iam back again. Got a new track layout that I have been struggling with for about a month now. I just can’t seem to drop 5/10s to be competitive with everybody else. They all are running 32.2-32.9 and I just keep running 32.9-33.5. I was hoping some veteran drivers might be able to give their opinions on what would be the fastest driving line for the track attached. Iam also seeking pointers on where I should be braking or just slowing down and then where I should be accelerating. I have tried to follow the guys around that are running faster then Iam. I seem to be very close to their driving line but yet I think my braking and or accelerating must be too much or too little. I try to be smooth as possible and with wide arcs and accelerating coming out of the turn but for some reason they are all very harsh with the wheel and very abrupt with their turns often sliding the karts into the turns. I don’t understand how that is not scubbing their speed but bottom line is…its not as they are faster then me….so..yeah…iam confused to say the least lol.

    The karts are Sodi RTX electric karts (rentals) 6 batteries and top out around 40mph. The seats are the horrible Sodi design and they do not lock in place so you are forced to run the seat all the way back and then just move the pedals closer to you. Iam 5ft7 155lbs btw. The place I race at does not add weight to the karts regardless of your weight. The main guy beating everybody weighs around 120lbs but he also races motorbikes.


    Oh and direction of the track is counter clockwise startt/finish line is at the first pink X to the left of the Track Entrance


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    Mike Clark

    I may not be the best to offer an opinion but here goes mine. A lot of variables and unknowns also.

    ” I don’t understand how that is not scubbing their speed but bottom line is…its not as they are faster then me….so..yeah…iam confused to say the least lol.”

    I would think the harder the tire(Less Grip) the less likely to scrub off speed. Also from what I understand the electrics have a lot of torque. Not that the sliding is best, but they may have mastered the trade-off.

    The most curious thing to me is the turn at the bottom of the map. You have a 90* left after you are on the gas. It seems some speed and time is to be gained their. Then next up you have a 135* right. I am thinking you can make gains in how those two corners interact with each other. Then skip ahead to the next right hander, which seem to have the exact line. All three of these corners lines seem to have a tighter radius than needed in a small portion of the turn.

    Your last turn and first turns also look as though the braking points could be moved a bit later and to the right edge edge of the track

    Just my speculation based on the diagram.


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    TJ Koyen

    It’s really hard to suggest anything with regards to driving line or braking/acceleration points via the internet.

    The biggest thing would be to minimize your coasting time. As soon as you’re off the brakes you should be rolling back into the throttle. If you’re coasting, you aren’t maximizing how late you can brake or how early you can get back on the throttle. Minimal coasting will help a lot.

    Try driving harder into the corner and braking harder so you don’t coast and you can get back into the throttle quicker. Or try slowing the kart down a little earlier and powering through the corner.

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    brian downing

    There is a forum dedicated to indoor karting, I would post there instead of general. Not everyone checks this forum and posts are easily missed.

    The indoor karting forum is here

    Indoor / Sport Karting

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