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    Ray Lovestead

    Yesterday at a race my eyes started to get crossed in the hard corners.  I was fine for the first 2 heats.  But half way through the main I started to get my vision crossed.  It got so bad that I had to close one eye so I could resolve one image.  It only happened in the corners (makes sense).

    Has anyone else out there ever had this or even heard of this?


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    Walt Gifford

    Have you checked your blood pressure lately?

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    Ray Lovestead

    No – but I tend towards high.  How is that related?

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    tony zambos

    is there a doctor in the house?

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    Clark Gaynor Sr.

    You’re kidding right ??!! Go see your doctor before you race again !!! Don’t endanger yourself or others.


    Clark Sr.

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    james kent

    Danger to others. Stop karting til you resolve those issues with a doctor.

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    Gary Smith

    The only time my eyes get crossed is when I have too many Budweisers.

    I have heard that the eyes have the most sensitive blood vessels in your body, if you have high blood pressure like me, your eyes will suffer. Get your blood pressure checked, and get it under control. I did and I feel great, no more headaches and I feel much better, ask my wife, she is living proof of this.

    Happy wife, happy life!


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