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    Robert Horvath

    Bob’s fix for the continuous breaking off of the two lower rear cylinder mounting tab ears to the crankcase studs

    See photo

    Cly. base ear

    My new homemade Honda CR 250 girdle brace bracket will be a fixed with two 120mm long M10X1.25 socket head cap screws……These will in turn will be attached to the lower part of crankcase with two M10X1.25 connector coupling nuts 30mm long to the existing crankcase studs present on either side of the case.

    see photos

    Head Brkt.


    Assy. and bolts

    Rear view of studs

    Back view

    Top view of Head


    Side view of head

    Rear Stud View


    The Super Kart Img 1

    The Super Kart Img. 2These extra heavy duty cap screws ( two ) and connector coupling nuts should make the CR 250 cylinder rigid enough to prevent the two lower rear cylinder  mounting tabs from continuously breaking off


    Bob Horvath

  • #97295

    Robert Horvath


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