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    Chris Bany

    With the all IAME Tag classes in SKUSA… I wonder if we will one day see the honda shifters replaced by either or both IAME shifter engines?





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    Charles Skowron

    Given their tight relationship with Honda, and the number of Spec Moto racers in SKUSA right now, I have a hard time believing that they would make a switch like that anytime soon. At least not in the near future.

    Then again, I never would have thought IAME would turn their back on several long-time importers/partners for two completely brand new ones as happened recently. And if the serious players in SKUSA continue with the development creep on their Stock Motos, and keep sticking ’01 cylinders, who knows what might happen?

    As for the 175cc shifter 2-stroke….why?


    C. Skowron – #15 Spec Honda




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    Dennis Chappell

    Given their even tighter relationship IAME why not?


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    Keith Bridgeman

    I would wager to guess this has been discussed.


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    Carl Beavers

    It will probably take some time to happen……but these type of engines packages could be our future. Purpose built kart engines do have some advantages over a moto X engine adapted to karting, IMHO.

    The 175cc would be a great Masters / Heavy class engine…..Hmmmmm

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    Steen Carstensen

    WOW, this is going to be interesting.     :-))

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    William Martin

    Oh, you mean like how ICC was supposed to save us from those awful Honda hand grenade engines? :-) I like the ICC’s, have one that I run once in awhile, mostly because I can’t afford to run it “all the time”…


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    Steen Carstensen

    Yes William, that one, the great never ending debate, but I have a funny feeling that the above mentioned ideas, may not be too far from the truth.  :-D

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    William Martin

    Follow the money, the truth will be revealed…


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    Dennis Chappell

    Good or bad right or wrong like it or not if you were the Importer for IAME (which I think Tom is) what would you do?

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    David Cole
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    Dennis Chappell

    Thanks David for up date. Glad we held on to our Honda for a while longer. New Castle is on the schedule for SKUSA race.

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    Dave Hosie

    SKUSA, have made several statements on this issue. The common theme is as long as Honda are committed to producing parts! That day will come. It will not be SKUSA that makes that decision it will be Honda!

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