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    Jesper Beyer

    Hi everyone..


    Just fitted my 2015 EVO upgrade , harnes, carb, ignition…


    Runs smoothly all they way up to 8600rpm then it stops ( like a rev limiter)

    When I check the PV it closes about 3000rpm and stays closed all the time….

    I have fitted the New carb and jettet it like I’m used to,  with 188/190jets,  is this too big in the EVO carb??!?

    Anyone got some info please repl….





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    Daniel Harlin

    Hi, I use a different set of jets and have not seen the same error. In Sweden we use jets between 125-130.

    On the other hand I have seen reports in Europe about some faults with the eRave module which there will be some update for in coming month.

    Hopefully this can help you.


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    Mark Traylor

    188-190?  Is this a DD2?  I used to run a 150 in my old senior.   with Evo people are down around 120 on the main for senior and around a 130 in DD2.   The carburation is very different.

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    Mark Traylor

    BTW…there have been issues with the PV.  check the bulletins for changes

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    Jesper Beyer

    Tried with the 145 jet that followed with the carb and that made a huge difference,  now it rev past 12500 …. I’m just used to jetting my old carb 185 – 192 , think I need to purchase a 110-165 set now ;)

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      Bruce Woodrow


      You’ll probably find that you will need jets in the 130 – 145 range for most conditions.


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    Samir Shah

    On my Leopard, I found that if I ran it rich, and fouled the plug, on the next session I could not rev over 7000-8000. Cleaning the plug with brake cleaner and a wire brush usually fixes it.

    Reading through old messages, on the Rotax, if its too rich, there is also a 12k limit that some people have hit, and fixed by using a smaller jet that allowed them to get to 13-14k.

    So, as people have suggested, the problem is certainly jetting, possible compounded by a fouled plug.


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