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    Russ Kemple

    I received my new EVO 2 weeks ago.  It started with the 12k max RPM issues.  I am now running a 120 jet and hit 14,200 no problem.  It seems to bog down on the tight turns.  I moved the needle clip to the bottom.  what should my air screw be set at?  It is 2.5 right now.  I have read about adjusting the throttle to 85%.  That goes against my core beliefs that you must make sure you have full throttle.   I will try it.  Any other suggestions are welcome.

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    Luis Soto

    I’m obviously no expert, so I apologize beforehand if my suggestion reflects that, but we had a very evil throttle response issue on a Junior with the Evo kit. Swapping to a different Evo carb fixed it, after fiddling with settings to no end. So you might not want to rule out that possibility and swap to a different carb (if you have access to it) just to see. Maxspeed accepted the bad carb as a warranty return.


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