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    Steve piggott

    my arrow cadet has no room to mount new battery box on drivers side left. Brake caliper is located there, we mount old style on the cross bar behind seat. Is it possible to disassemble new box and put in old location and rewire new starter button to front fairing?

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    Scottie Melancon

    Did you mean to say “Master Cylinder”? Can’t imagine how the brake calipers would be that far north of the rear. I own an adult Arrow, but the master cylinder is located in the typical position.  Not sure why DPE locates it that far back to start with on cadet? Have you considered relocating the master cylinder forward? You’d probably need longer brake lines and a mounting surface though?

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    Chris Fraser

    I have an arrow kart and hardly have room for it with the old style mount, so I’ll probably have an issue with the evo as well.  I was thinking of trying an offset mount, kinda like this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Go-Kart-Battery-Holder-Bracket-Assembly-Chassis-Mounted-Rotax-Max-125-/310419104803

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    Steve piggott

    i mounted mine behind seat, pulled out the starter button extended wires and put started button on front fairing.

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