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      Samir Shah

      EVO Battery box knob round red label/sticker.

      Ours fell off on the first track session and vanished in the grass. If the glue is that bad, I can’t imagine I’m the first to lose it.

      The dealer does not have it. They just barely got their EVO kits in, let alone any parts. Gorotax does not have it, and asked me to call BRP.

      BRP asked me to call my dealer to order it.

      If anyone else has had this problem, and gotten it ordered, I’d love the part number so my dealer can order it.

      Thanks, Samir.

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      Michael Cohen

      So my friends kid lost his as well. After the race he went looking around the track for it and found three of them….. Apparently they are snapped in and tend to fly off…..we put a drop of crazy glue on ours

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      Samir Shah

      I’ve not been able to find a way to order one. Does your friend still have his extra’s – would he sell one?

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      You may have already found this but here’s a link to Acceleration Karting that has your part. ¬†They fall off A LOT… if you got to have it, buy a few.



      see part #33

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      Samir Shah


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      David Cole

      Is this it…

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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