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    matthew odonnell

    What are some of the parts you should always bring with you at the track. Being fairly new I have ran into some of the usually problems but i know not all of them yet and want to be prepared because I really hate losing track time and or an entire day b/c I don’t have a part or bolt or something

    I figure there could be a “general list” and maybe another one for my specific kart 2010 crg

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    jeff grose

    spare tires/wheels,tie rods, chains, sprockets,steering shaft, spark plugs, wheel studs,starting battery, batteries for mychron,rain tires/wheels, extra bolts,brake fluid,brake pads , this is a list just off the top of my head,      oh , gas and oil mix if your mtr is 2 cycle

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    Steve Rogers

    If you break something and don’t have that particular part you could also try asking around the people who have the same brand chassis as you if you could bum one off someone for the day. As long as you return it/pay for replacement I imagine most people will be happy to help so you don’t ruin your race day.

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    bo rougeou

    Not to sound like a smarta$$, but it takes awhile before you sort this out.  There are obvious things, of course,but make a list after every outing.  What you ain’t got and what you saw someone with that you haven’t thought of before.

    Make friends and bring an extra 6 pak to pay off those who help you.

    I’ve only been turned down once when I have asked for something.


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      mike wallace

      It will always seem that what ever you do not have is what you will need, like Bo said ” make friends”. Karters are friendly by nature and want to help other kraters..


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    Harrison Potsworth

    What motor are you using?

    Usually and extra piston kit is a good idea, and gaskets for your motor (if it has gaskets, if not, o-rings).

    Fuel pump diaphragms.

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    Phil Haddad


    I bring a box of washers, nuts, bolts, and various other little stuff (fasteners, e-clips, springs, kingpins, etc). Sometimes it seems I’m the only one out there with a decent bolt collection.

    Also, all the tools you’ll need. Li-ion impact, and a portable toolbox from craftsmen are what I use. Also a box with all the parts cleaner, wd-40, oils, and lube you’ll need for the day. I also bring a spare axle and spare front end stuff (spindles, tierods, kingpins, steering column). Also spare chains (already broken to multiple lengths) and spare master links.

    To me having all the tools and little odds and ends with the bolts and washers is probably the biggest thing.

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    Harrison Potsworth

    Oh, I should add, a Pen an Paper. Get into the habit of writing down all your setup notes and changes. That notepad will become the best tool you can have.

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    matthew odonnell

    Thanks for the info everyone

    I know that most likely someone around me will have what I need but I want to use that as a last resort

    2010 CRG stock 125cc Honda 99 cyl

    Another slightly on topic question. is there a more or less jetting for dumbies guide, like a spread sheet where I could match up the temp, altitude, humidity….. to then tell me what jetting to run

    Porsche Driving Instructor, Sim-Racing Expert, Shifter Kart Novice and a Former Marine

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    Brad Johnson

    If you happen to have an android phone there is an app for it. I think if you search Jetting the CR125 it will turn up. Uses your gps location for weather info and gives you jet, needle, clip position.

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