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      Jim Maier

      We’re having a national style 3 day weekend at Englishtown in October.  We would love to see a huge 4 stroke turnout.  This event is being put on by the NJ Sprint Series.  I generally run 2 stroke but will be giving our 206 to friend to run.  You can come one day or all three, doesn’t matter.

      What I would like to discuss is how we can get all the people in the area involved that don’t have 206’s.  We’ll likely just have 2  4 stroke classes as we need to fit in plenty of 2 stroke classes too.  So I am thinking  Lo206 jr and. LO206 sr class like daytona where it was wildy popular.  But we have so many other kinds of engines in the area with  animals amd flatheads and clones and whatever elese.

      So what can we do to include all of these folks and make it somewhat fair?  I am not sure about you all, but I am tired of seeing classes of 4 people.  I say we make things as close as we can and let people have fun with mixed equipment in huge classes.  It would likely take only a year for people to realize how much more fun a big class is and buy a 206 anyway to be part of the program.

      Looking forward to some advice, positive discusion, and what you racers want.  Don’t be shy or go unheard.  Let’er rip.

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