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      Chris Barrington

      Has anybody used a 1- or 2-ton engine hoist to lift a kart?  I know it could work, but I’m hoping somebody has some experience with it and can chime in.

      Something like this: https://www.harborfreight.com/2-ton-Capacity-Foldable-Shop-Crane-69514.html

      At the moment, the permanently mounted hoist I have in my garage works just fine…but I’m going to be moving the kart to a plastic/resin shed in my back yard so I can get my poor windowless race car back in the garage.  It’s a pain to move the car each time I want to tinker on or use the kart.

      The door to the shed is wide enough (60″) but my kart trailer is just too wide to fit through the door opening, so loading it on the trailer is a total pain in the ass doing it myself.  So, I’m looking at options to get my kart on and off my stand and onto the ground, or onto my trailer, that I can wheel through a 60″ doorway.

      Any suggestions are appreciated  :)

      (selling the race car is not a valid suggestion, regardless of what my wife says)

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      tony zambos

      I’m assuming that the rear door to your trailer hinges on the side rather than on the bottom. Years ago, someone posted a picture of his trailer that installed an I-Beam lengthwise in the trailer that would slid out past the rear of the trailer. On that beam he installed a pulled which would allow him to pick the his kart and slide it into the trailer. But that seemed to a bit over engineered.

      Have you thought about anchoring the kart to a kart stand and with a set of ramps, roll everything into the trailer? After the stand is in the trailer, anchor in down to travel.

      In our case, we put in a 4×8 shelf in the trailer. We left enough space under the shelf to fit the normal plastic crate. The shelf turned out to be almost the right height to roll the kart up on the stand and push the kart in. Have seen another version of this where short cabinets were installed on both sides of the trailer and the kart sat on top of the cabinets.

      But none of those options address getting the kart on the ground. A one man lift would be an option with a shelf in the trailer. You then could go from the ground, onto the shelf, off of the shelf and back onto the ground. My question with that solution is how easy would it be to unhook and hook the kart to the stand on the shelf. I’d give Tim a call at KartLift about that, 877-777-8020.

      One more option. Get a buddy the lives near you hooked on karting. :)

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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      Chris Barrington

      Hi Tony,

      I guess I should have mentioned my trailer is an “open” trailer, so it’s essentially a flat bed with two 4×4 posts on their side that I set the kart down on.

      I do have a buddy I’m trying to get into the sport, but he’s 30 minutes South of me  :(

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      David Cole

      Chris, have you looked into the one-man kart stands?

      KartLift: http://kartlift.com/e-store/index.php?route=product/category&path=10

      Streeter Super Stands: http://www.hrpracing.com/streeter-super-lift-black

      David Cole - EKN Managing Editor

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      tony zambos

      David’s suggestion would be the best solution. Your solution isn’t bad but double check the spec’s on the hoist for it to be able to lift the kart from the ground to both the trailer and kart stand, that you enough clearance between the hoist and kart.
      Look at the long term, the hoist may work but consider being at the track. Every time you go to the grid, you’ll have to bring both the kart stand and the hoist, and again when you finish the track session.
      Keep an eye on the Classifieds on EKN or on any local club for a used one. You might even want to post in the WTB section. Check any local kart shops if they might have one to sell or know of someone who does.

      LAD Specialties customer / tony kart / rotax / kt100

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      Chris Barrington

      Thanks for the feedback, gentlemen.

      Tony, I didn’t intend to bring the engine hoist to the track, since I’ve always been able to find kind folks to help me load and unload from the trailer at the track.  Since I service my own vehicles, I was just looking at something I could buy that would serve many purposes.

      I did initially look at one-man kart stands, but they all seem to lift from the rear.  My kart trailer (which is very nice and was given to me by a friend) is setup to load with the rear of the kart towards the tongue because there is a box on the front of the trailer; thus I couldn’t use the one-man stand to load and unload.

      I think the best long-term solution is pick up a one-man stand, re-tool the trailer bed to allow for loading with the nose of the kart to towards the front of the trailer, and then I’m set all the way around.  I can store it on the stand, load and unload at home and do everything I need at the track, solo.


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      Rod Hawkins

      I bought a harbor frieght hoist that can be bolted to something (in my case the ceiling in the garage) and it has something like a 500 lb limit. I secured it to the ceiling and lift it above my car. I do attach a couple tie downs to the corners, in case it fails for some weird reason it wont fall on my wife doing laundry or my car. The karts are only about 160-180lbs

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