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    Tony Malito

    Looking for an energy kart dealer in the USA, BRK hasn’t returned my emails and it doesn’t seem like they have had any activity for quite some time.

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    Taylor Young

    It seems like it’s hard to keep track who is actually importing them now but I’ve seen Nash Karting stickers on some energy karts around and Snow Racing in Sacramento has been a dealer/importer at certain times.

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    Sanford Mitz

    What parts are you looking for? The Energy kart that I had was pretty “European Generic” as to parts. I believe it was made by Parolin. Russell Racing at one time had a kart with the same braking system. Beyond that, I can’t think of too many parts that cannot be substituted.

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    Clark Hadden

    Call Darren White Importer Energy Kart North America 1-905-377-5845

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