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      Gregg Palmer

      Does anybody know how the Energy Eclipse 125 brakes are? They have a thin front rotor and it looks like there is no front /rear bias adjustment on the master cylinder.

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      Do you have any pictures?

      We may be able to help

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      Jason Bane

      I think you might be looking at the KF “hand brake” kart. I’m not well versed on TaG kart hand brake rules, but I believe the brake is operated by a hand lever that looks just like a clutch lever, which has a separate master cylinder, hence no bias adjuster.

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      Larry Andrews

      One thing that’s important to know is that anything goes with used karts.  It’s not the least bit unusual for someone to piece something substandard together out of what’s available so the tired old heap can be sold.  If it doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.

      Heck, used racing hardware rarely is ‘right’…but it’s almost always more fun than just watching other people have fun.

      Energy karts have had CRG brakes for a long time.  It’s possible you found one with old VEN04 brakes – not bad but there’s a reason they only made them for one year.  Parts are getting scarce.  Before CRG, seemed like Energy was using mostly Righetti based stuff, at least my ’99 did.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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