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      Desmond Lewis

      My dad’s back is going to make it difficult to pick up my kart at the races. How do you build an enduro stand? In other words, what are the dimensions?

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      Ron Lax

      I have an enduro kartlift made by Terry Ives!!!   He might still make them……they are the best lift for a flat bottom endurokart that has ever been made!!!   I know of half a dozen guys using them, and they would never ever sell the lift they have!  They are awesome.    Electric and only 1 inch thick when folded to transport home.   

      I can send pix if you are interested.




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      Desmond Lewis

      I am very interested. 615-594-0861 or desmondlewis93@gmail.com. Thanks!

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      Bruce Peck

      Chuck Bunnell (Dart Kart race director at Mid Ohio) used to have plans for the crank up type that many enduro guys still use (I have two just like it).  Here is the thread on the old eKarting site with a link to his site where he had plans to build one.  Problem is, his domain is for sale and not active any more.  So . . . Calling Chuck.  Can you make those plans available somewhere again?


      Note that you can also make these an electric winch up as well.

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      Desmond Lewis

      Thanks Mr. Peck, I mentioned you another thanks on 4 cycle. Thanks again!

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      johnny brooks

      Streeter also makes a nice one:


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