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      John Crider
      I went to my storage unit yesterday to discover that my go-kart has been stolen. My Coyote Bullitt with a fresh Yamaha TSOW pipe and a fresh Horstman clutch, my craftsman 3 drawer tool box with all my karting specialty tools, all my clutch oil, belts, gears, and a few other odds and ends have all been stolen from my “secure” storage unit. If any of you see my black Coyote with red numbers 42, please send me or <span style=”font-family: inherit;”><span class=”nc684nl6″ style=”display: inline; font-family: inherit;”>Kella Crider</span></span> my daughter a PM.
      If you’re the person who stole the kart reading this, I am angry. In fact I am pissed off. But if you confess and return everything in the condition you took it in, I will not prosecute. However, if I find you myself, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And I wouldn’t take it to any tracks, someone will recognize it and what they do to you is out of my hands. So your best bet is to return it.
      I know its not much, but its all I have, and now that its gone so are my racing days. I hope whoever took it does the right thing and comes back with it. This sucks. Call 316-941-6343
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